. In order for us to make a cash offer, we will need some preliminary information from you.  After receiving that information, we will contact you and make a cash offer that will be contingent upon the receipt of more detailed information (support for the details you enter into these forms).

Please fill this form out completely and hit submit and we will contact you shortly with a cash offer (or you can fax this info to 949-417-1467).  If you fax the info please include the check stubs from the most recent 3 months if possible. If you have a document that describes the legal description that is needed as well.

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. Oil Lease Buyers - SUBMISSION FORM .
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Please provide a summary of net income (amount you actually received) for each of the past 4 months, as well as the average net monthly amount for the last six months. This information can generally be obtained from your check stubs or tax forms.
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